A Step Above the Competition – the MXA line of Electric Pallet Trucks

July 17, 2019
Posted by: Justin Engel

With a number of cost-effective pallet truck models recently hitting the market, we’ve decided to take a look at how Stärke’s MXA line of electric pallet trucks compare to other, similarly priced models.  As you’ll see below, the design of the MXA line strikes an optimal balance between performance, durability and cost to provide superior value at an ideal price point.

Top Mounted Handle

Unlike units with a long tiller handle affixed just above the drive motor, the MXA line of pallet trucks utilizes a tiller handle that’s mounted onto the top of the unit to maximize operator comfort and maneuverability without sacrificing durability.  This setup provides an ergonomic pivot point (positioned at hip height) for the tiller handle, allowing operators to handle the unit without bending down, thereby reducing lower back strain and improving operator comfort.  The top mounted tiller handle also reduces the amount of energy required to maneuver the unit as the tiller handle rotates directly above the drive wheel instead of revolving around the circumference of the drive motor.

No Fixed Supports

The MXA line of electric pallet trucks features Stärke’s advanced Continuous Stability System instead of the bilateral fixed stops found on most of the competition.  To reduce incidences of tipping and product damage, Stärke’s electric pallet trucks are equipped with a fixed drive wheel supported by two cantilevered, spring-loaded casters in constant contact with the ground.  As the unit moves over uneven surfaces, the spring-loaded casters flex and extend to maintain contact with the ground.  When contrasted with the fixed supports used by the competition, Stärke’s Continuous Stability System dramatically increases load and unit stability, leading to improved safety and reduced product damage.

The Elimination of Wearable Parts

At Stärke, we emphasize design durability and toughness in all of our equipment lines and this holds true for our MXA line of electric pallet trucks.  These units are built for extensive use in industrial applications, so we’ve reinforced or eliminated many of the wearable parts and components.  This includes design features intended to limit exposure on vulnerable spots such as exposed pivot points and points of articulation.

Dual Roller Wheels

The MXA line was designed with dual roller wheels to provide greater load stability and improved durability in comparison to single roller wheel units.  This dual roller wheel setup offers improved front-end stability while moving a load by doubling the contact area at the front of the unit.  This also reduces the amount of strain placed on a given roller wheel, thereby reducing the rate of wear.

For more information on Stärke’s MXA pallet trucks and how they’ll provide a cost-effective equipment option for you and your business, reach out to a Stärke dealer near you!


Justin Engel

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