At Stärke, we understand the struggles small to medium-sized dealers face on a day-to-day basis. Recognizing the need for a different approach and a new business model, we created the Stärke brand. This new approach places fewer demands on dealerships and building cooperative relationships based on our innovative support systems. Can you afford to ignore the Stärke difference?


Experience the Stärke difference – a new philosophy and way of doing business that’s built on our roots in the material handling industry!

A wholly owned and operated Canadian Company, Stärke Material Handling Group is no stranger to the materials handling industry. Our roots in the material handling industry date back to a family-owned dealership established in the Niagara Region during the 1930’s. After years serving as a Canadian master distributor for other offshore brands, we created the Stärke brand in 2010 as a way to introduce small to medium sized forklift and lift equipment dealerships to a revenue stream previously restricted to larger dealerships in the materials handling industry.

 — TED LUCAS, President of Stärke Material Handling Group


Our corporate philosophy guides all of our decisions including our overall business model, strategy, direction, customer service and product design: 

  • High quality equipment
  • Common sense innovations.
  • Robust selection of in-demand material handling equipment.
  • Strong dealer support systems.
  • Providing industry-leading equipment warranties.


Do you need more than one type of equipment?

We offer a wide range of products from Class II to Class VI with maximum capacities ranging from 2,000 – 22,000 lbs.

Are you frustrated with over-complicated maintenance?

Our equipment is designed for ease of maintenance and we provide high quality technical support over the phone!

Are you tired of escalating equipment costs?

We offer a number of cost-effective equipment options designed to meet almost any budget. Meanwhile, our high quality equipment helps keep the total cost of ownership low for all of our products.