EcoMaxx Series Forklifts - 2,000 - 7,000 lbs.

Don’t pay for innovation for innovation’s sake! Our EcoMaxx Series of forklifts were designed from the ground up to find an ideal balance of quality, innovation, rugged durability and a reasonable price tag. Ranging from 2000-7000 lbs. capacity, the Stärke EcoMaxx pneumatic tire series of lift trucks utilizes the latest technology and advanced engineering to create lift trucks with low emissions and noise to protect your working environment. All LPG models are available with US Environmental Protection Agency approved Mitsubishi or PSI engines for advanced combustion technology and reduced fuel consumption. With top of the line features such as a rubber mounted transaxle for reduced vibration, the EcoMaxx line is great for your bottom line without cutting corners in quality.

Notable Features:

  • High Quality Engines – Our LPG units are available with either Mitsubishi or PSI 2.4L LPG Engines.
    • Optional EPA-approved “on-the-fly” dual fuel engine models are available. These engines allow for a rapid transition between fuel types without having to dry the engine out before changing fuel types.
  • Cost-effective – The EcoMaxx line of forklifts were designed with common sense innovations and features in mind to reduce the cost to the end-user without sacrificing quality or durability.
  • Mast Options – A wide range of mast options with lift heights ranging from 118″ to 236″
  • Responsive Steering – Our EcoMaxx FG10-35 LPG units are all equipped with a rugged steer axle for durability, and hydrostatic steering for simple and precise maneuverability.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Designed for durability and equipped with a straightforward oil and filter change system, EcoMaxx forklifts are built for simplified maintenance.
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[stm_tech_infos title=”Performance”][stm_tech_info name=”Capacity” value=”2,000 – 7,000 lbs.”][stm_tech_info name=”Lift Height” value=”78.7“ – 270“”][stm_tech_info name=”Turning Radius” value=”78.0“ – 96.3“”][stm_tech_info name=”Travel Speed” value=”9.0 – 11.8 mph (laden)”][stm_tech_info name=”Lift Speed” value=”16.1 – 19.3 in/s (laden)”][stm_tech_info name=”Gradeability” value=”20%”][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”LPG Engine”][stm_tech_info name=”Engine” value=”PSI 2.4L”][stm_tech_info name=”Type” value=”CARB IV”][stm_tech_info name=”Displacement” value=”2,351 cc”][stm_tech_info name=”Horsepower” value=”64.3″][stm_tech_info name=”Torque” value=”37.4 ft-lb”][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”LPG Engine”][stm_tech_info name=”Engine” value=”Nissan K25 2.5L”][stm_tech_info name=”Type” value=”Carb IV”][stm_tech_info name=”Cylinders / Displacement” value=”2488 cc”][stm_tech_info name=”Horsepower” value=”45.8″][stm_tech_info name=”Torque” value=”128.7 ft-lb”][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”Drivetrain”][stm_tech_info name=”Transmission” value=”Powershift Automatic”][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”Brakes”][stm_tech_info name=”Service Brake” value=”Hydraulic”][stm_tech_info name=”Parking Braking” value=”Hand”][/stm_tech_infos]
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