Designed for narrow aisle applications with high density racking systems

In contrast to traditional straddle stackers, the counterbalanced stacker forgoes stabilizing straddle legs in favor of a heavy counterweight.  This design eliminates the need for wider shelving and uniform pallet sizes, but also eliminates the need for a crossbar setup beneath the shelving to accommodate the straddles while picking up loads. Similar to the forkover design, the counterbalanced stacker is widely used in warehousing applications where loads are stacked side-by-side to increase storage density.

Stärke LiftMaxx 24v-AC Electric Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker is designed to provide the versatility of a traditional counterbalanced forklift with the design benefits of a walkie straddle stacker. Here, a counterbalanced weight replaces the stabilizing straddles found on a traditional pallet stacker to eliminate the need for wider shelving or crossbars in narrow aisle applications, thus increasing potential storage capacity.

The ES30-CAX is both durable and reliable with side mounted lift cylinders for a clear view through the mast and a compact design and low center of gravity for superior handling and stability.

  • Clear View Through Mast – Side mounted lift cylinders provide the operator an unobstructed view through the mast while also improving stability.
  • Efficient AC Output – Features a three phase AC motor, 24V industrial battery and regenerative braking system to ensure long and productive periods in between charges.
  • User-Friendly – A Curtis AC fully programmable controller, electric power steering, and stepless speed control combine to provide a smooth, precise and customizable experience.
  • Multiple Mast Configurations – Available with both a 2-stage and 3-stage mast, the ES30-CAX is able to reach a maximum lift height of 220.5”.
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[stm_tech_infos title=”Performance”][stm_tech_info name=”Capacity” value=”3,000 lbs.”][stm_tech_info name=”Lift Height” value=”118“ – 220“”][stm_tech_info name=”Turning Radius” value=”68.1“”][stm_tech_info name=”Traveling Speed” value=”3.6 mph (laden) / 3.7 mph (unladen)”][stm_tech_info name=”Lifting Speed” value=”4.7 in/s (laden) / 7.5 in/s (unladen)”][stm_tech_info name=”Lowering Speed” value=”16.5 in/s (laden) / 16.1 in/s (unladen)”][stm_tech_info name=”Maximum Gradeability” value=”6% (laden) / 10% (unladen)”][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”Drivetrain”][stm_tech_info name=”Battery Type” value=”Industrial”][stm_tech_info name=”Battery Voltage and Rated Capacity” value=”24V / 320aH”][stm_tech_info name=”Charger” value=”110V Off-board”][stm_tech_info name=”Drive Motor” value=”1.6 HP”][stm_tech_info name=”Lift Motor” value=”4.0 HP”][stm_tech_info name=”Control System” value=”Curtis 1230″][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”Dimensions”][stm_tech_info name=”Wheelbase” value=”54.3“”][stm_tech_info name=”Ground Clearance” value=”2.2“”][stm_tech_info name=”Mast Height Lowered” value=”80.7“ – 95.9“”][stm_tech_info name=”Overall Length” value=”104.3“”][stm_tech_info name=”Overall Width” value=”39.0“”][stm_tech_info name=”Service Weight with Battery” value=”4,576 lbs.”][/stm_tech_infos]
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