Electric Pallet Truck PT45WAX

A maneuverable and compact electric pallet truck

Our premium walk behind unit, the PT45WAX includes advanced AC technology, with a 24 volt / 200 amp hour battery, an on-board charger, and an intelligent regenerative braking system for efficient power usage, longer run times and minimal maintenance. The vertically mounted drive wheel offers a tight turning radius and easy maintenance. Spring-loaded castors and a strategically mounted riser axle provides improved lateral stability through constant contact with uneven floors. The one-piece heavy gauge steel forks ensure maximum strength when you need it most while the long tube handle provides flexibility for labor saving operations.

Like all of our LiftMaxx products, the PT45WAX also includes our Continuous Stability System as a standard feature.  The Continuous Stability System reduces incidence of tipping while turning corners, or travelling on uneven surfaces. A fixed drive wheel supported by two spring loaded castors are in constant contact with the ground, supporting the stability of the lift truck. The Continuous Stability System offers better control over competitor fixed stop supports, which sit off the ground and wear quickly over time and minimizes the risk of tipping and limits product damage costs.

  • 110V On-board Charger
  • Continuous Stability System
  • Curtis Controller
  • Dual Load Wheels
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Hour Meter and BDI
  • Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Nylon Entry Rollers
  • Stepless Speed Control
Lift Capacity 4,500 lbs.
Lift Height 8"
Turning Radius 61"
Travelling Speed 3.4 mph (laden) / 3.5 (unladen) mph
Lifting Speed 1.5 in/s (laden) / 2.2 in/s (unladen)
Lowering Speed 2.5 in/s / 2.0 in/s
Maximum Gradeability 8% (laden) / 20% (unladen)
Battery Type Maintenance Free or Industrial
Battery Voltage and Rated Capacity 24V / 200-210aH
Charger 110V On-board or Off-board
Drive Motor 1.6 HP
Lift Motor 1.6 HP
Control System Curtis 1230
Wheelbase 52.4 - 53.6"
Ground Clearance 1.1"
Overall Length 69.9 - 71.1"
Overall Width 30.5"
Service Weight 1364 lbs.

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