The ES20 - 2,000 lb. Stacker

The next step up in terms of complexity, cost and productivity over manual and semi-electric stackers, the LiftMaxx ES20-SDX features fully electric lift and push-pull functions, thereby reducing the possibility of repetitive strain injuries caused by strenuous pushing and pulling.

This Stärke LiftMaxx electric straddle stacker is ideal for daily use in warehousing, retail, and manufacturing environments. Stärke’s electric straddle stackers are designed from an operator-first mindset. As a result, the ES20-SDX includes an ergonomic tiller handle that facilitates right or left handed operation and numerous safety features to limit operator fatigue and improve safety. Innovative technical features include an advanced 24v-AC control system with an intelligent regenerative braking system, battery and on-board 110v, plug-in charger, and a standing drive motor system for a tighter turning radius.

  • Intelligent AC Controller – The ES20-SDX is equipped with an intelligent Curtis controller capable of adjusting a variety of the lift’s functions including lift and travel speed.
  • Load Versatility – with both adjustable forks and straddle legs, the ES20-SDX can handle a variety of load types and widths.
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[stm_tech_infos title=”Performance”][stm_tech_info name=”Capacity” value=”2,000 lbs.”][stm_tech_info name=”Lift Height” value=”63.0“ – 118.1“”][stm_tech_info name=”Turning Radius” value=”58.7“”][stm_tech_info name=”Traveling Speed” value=”2.8 mph (laden) / 3.0 mph (unladen)”][stm_tech_info name=”Lifting Speed” value=”2.4 in/s (laden) / 4.1 in/s (unladen)”][stm_tech_info name=”Lowering Speed” value=”5.1 in/s (laden) / 3.9 in/s (unladen)”][stm_tech_info name=”Maximum Gradeability” value=”6% (laden) / 15% (unladen)”][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”Drivetrain”][stm_tech_info name=”Battery Type” value=”Industrial”][stm_tech_info name=”Battery Voltage and Rated Capacity” value=”24V / 100aH”][stm_tech_info name=”Charger” value=”110V On-board”][stm_tech_info name=”Drive Motor” value=”0.87 HP”][stm_tech_info name=”Lift Motor” value=”2.9 HP”][stm_tech_info name=”Control System” value=”Curtis 1230″][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”Dimensions”][stm_tech_info name=”Wheelbase” value=”51.2“”][stm_tech_info name=”Ground Clearance” value=”1.6“”][stm_tech_info name=”Mast Height Lowered” value=”70.0“ – 81.0“”][stm_tech_info name=”Overall Length” value=”70.9“”][stm_tech_info name=”Overall Width” value=”44.6“ – 60.3“”][stm_tech_info name=”Inside Straddle Width” value=”35.4“ – 51.2“”][stm_tech_info name=”Outside Straddle Width” value=”48.0“ – 63.8“”][stm_tech_info name=”Service Weight with Battery” value=”1,276 lbs.”][/stm_tech_infos]
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