Designed for high volume, narrow aisle applications

In narrow aisle operations, where aisles typically range from six (6) to ten (10) feet in width, counterbalanced forklifts are often replaced with specialized vehicles like walk behind and ride-on reach trucks. By replacing the large counterbalance weight found in standard forklifts with compact outriggers, reach trucks are both smaller and more maneuverable than traditional forklifts.

Intended for high volume, narrow aisle applications, Stärke’s Electric Rider Reach Stacker offers the same narrow aisle capabilities as our Walkie Reach with the able to travel greater distances between loads. Includes smart AC electric controller and electric power steering. Additional options on the rider reach truck include: double reach for two-deep stacking, sideshift, and double front wheels.

  • Efficient AC Output – Features a three phase AC motor, 36V industrial battery and regenerative braking system to ensure long and productive periods in between charges.
  • User-Friendly – A Curtis AC fully programmable controller, electric power steering, and stepless speed control combine to provide a smooth, precise and customizable experience.
  • Multiple Mast Configurations – Available with both a 2-stage and 3-stage mast, the ESRR30-40ACX is able to reach a maximum lift height of 255.9”.
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[stm_tech_infos title=”LiftMaxx ESRR30-40ACX-EPS”][stm_tech_info name=”Capacity” value=”3,000 – 4,000 lbs.”][stm_tech_info name=”Lift Height” value=”118.1“ – 255.9“”][stm_tech_info name=”Turning Radius” value=”72.8“”][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”Performance”][stm_tech_info name=”Traveling Speed” value=”4.0 mph (laden) / 4.3 mph (unladen)”][stm_tech_info name=”Lifting Speed” value=”7.9 in/s (laden) / 11.8 in/s (unladen)”][stm_tech_info name=”Lowering Speed” value=”12.6 in/s (laden) / 12.2 in/s (unladen)”][stm_tech_info name=”Maximum Gradeability” value=”5% (laden) / 12% (unladen)”][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”Drivetrain”][stm_tech_info name=”Battery Type” value=”Industrial”][stm_tech_info name=”Battery Voltage and Rated Capacity” value=”36V / 490aH”][stm_tech_info name=”Charger” value=”110V Off-board”][stm_tech_info name=”Drive Motor” value=”4.0 HP”][stm_tech_info name=”Lift Motor” value=”13.4 HP”][stm_tech_info name=”Control System” value=”Curtis 1234″][/stm_tech_infos]
[stm_tech_infos title=”Dimensions”][stm_tech_info name=”Wheelbase” value=”51.9“ – 57.8“”][stm_tech_info name=”Ground Clearance” value=”1.9“”][stm_tech_info name=”Mast Height Lowered” value=”103“ – 111.1“”][stm_tech_info name=”Overall Length” value=”106.9“”][stm_tech_info name=”Overall Width” value=”40.9“ – 51.0“”][stm_tech_info name=”Inside Straddle Width” value=”38.3“”][stm_tech_info name=”Outside Straddle Width” value=”116.4“ – 118.6“”][stm_tech_info name=”Service Weight with Battery” value=”6886 – 8811 lbs.”][/stm_tech_infos]

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