Sitdown Counterbalanced Pro XVI FD20-35

Professional XVI Series - Diesel Forklifts - 3,500-8,000 lbs.

Ranging from 3,500 – 8,000 lbs. in capacity, XVI 20-35 Professional Series forklifts provide superior ergonomics, performance and cost of ownership compared to similar models. Available in pneumatic tire (3,500 – 8,000 lbs. capacity) and cushion tire (5,000 lbs. capacity only) models, these forklifts are ideally suited to a range of work environments without sacrificing operator comfort, ergonomics or performance.

Operator friendly features include a low vibration design, a clear view mast, wider steering angles, and a larger, more ergonomic operator cabin. View our brochure for more details.

  • Wide View Mast Design – To maximize productivity without sacrificing safety or risking product damage, the new XVI line of forklifts from Stärke provides industry-leading visibility in all four directions with an innovative clear view mast and an improved cab design. The clear forward view of the mast is accomplished by mounting the hydraulic hoses and chains behind the mast, instead of in the center, removing additional obstructions from the forward view. The difference between the XVI line and the competition is most noticeable in models equipped with a fully enclosed cab (optional), which offers protection from the elements without further obstructing operator visibility.
  • Enhanced Ergonomics – To combat the risks associated with repetitive strain injuries and operator fatigue, Stärke’s new XVIs include a series of ergonomic design elements to improve comfort levels and simplify operation. Following a product demonstration, two operators experienced with both Hyster and Yale forklifts commented on the spacious cabin and effortless operation provided by the XVI’s small steering wheel, cowl mounted controls, adjustable steering column and deluxe suspension seat.
  • Always In Control – Regardless of the application, all forklift operators want to be confident in their ability to control and maneuver a forklift in a safe and efficient manner. With the XVI Series, operators are quick to note the ease of operation and maneuverability of the unit. This is due, in part, to the tight turning radius and advanced controls of the XVI Series, which allows these forklifts to operate in the same amount of space as slightly smaller units without issue. Likewise, the XVI Series offers incredible load stability, even at full lift heights and uneven ground.
  • Clear View Mast
  • Dual Wheels (Optional)
  • Hydraulic Lock Out System
  • LCD Instrument Panel
  • Optional Joystick and Minilevers
  • Side Mounted Lift Cylinders
  • Spacious Operator Cabin
  • Suspension Seat
Capacity 3,500 - 8,000 lbs.
Lift Height 78.7" - 270"
Turning Radius 82.5" - 102.4"
Travel Speed 9.6 - 10.6 mph (laden) / 9.9 - 11.2 mph (unladen)
Lift Speed 15.4 - 23.6 in/s (laden) / 15.9 - 22.8 in/s (unladen)
Lowering Speed 17.7 - 19.1 in/s (laden) / 16.5 - 17.7 in/s (unladen)
Gradeability (unladen) 18 - 20%
Gradeability (laden) 21 - 34%
Diesel Engine
Engine Isuzu 4LE2X
Type Tier IV
Cylinders / Displacement 4 / 2.2L
Horsepower 66
Torque 93
Transmission Automatic
Service Brake Hydraulic
Parking Braking Hand

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