Stärke Pallet Trucks

Stärke Material Handling Group offers a selection of manual and electric pallet trucks suitable for most work environments including warehousing, manufacturing, agriculture, retail applications and transportation and logistics. Our LiftMaxx Series of pallet trucks are designed for maximum maneuverability, optimized visibility, maximum performance and ease of service.  Each is built for years of trouble free service and is backed by our excellent warranty. Find out how our LiftMaxx pallet trucks can help you and your business today by finding a Stärke dealership near you!

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Stärke Electric Pallet Trucks

As part of our commitment to providing our customers with high quality and innovative products, all of our electric pallet trucks include several industry-leading design features. The Stärke Continuous Stability System, for example, reduces incidence of tipping while turning corners, or travelling on uneven surfaces. This system includes a fixed drive wheel supported by two spring loaded castors, which are in constant contact with the ground; supporting the stability of the lift truck. Our CSS helps us offer the most stable electric pallet trucks on the market. Meanwhile, our Curtis AC Controllers allow for highly customized operations and easy diagnostics. And, with less than half the wearable parts of the competition, a Stärke electric pallet truck also offers fewer maintenance calls. We also uses metal components, rather than plastic, in many instances where our competitors do not; allowing for less wearable parts, and less down-time.

Available in lift capacities ranging from 3,000 – 4,500 lbs. in walk behind models, a 5,000 lb. ride-on model, or our 3,000 lb. mini.


Optional Frei
LiftMaxx Pallet Trucks
Ergonomic Handle
Optional Fold-down Platform
LiftMaxx Pallet Trucks
Drive and Lift Functions
LiftMaxx Pallet Trucks
Left or Right Handed Operation
Tight Pinwheel Turning
LiftMaxx Pallet Trucks
Vertical Drive Wheel


You’ll discover savings with our cost effective equipment solutions! Our electric pallet trucks will help you reduce operating costs with less maintenance, higher efficiency, and lower product damage.


Our LiftMaxx pallet trucks were designed and built for straightforward diagnostics and ease of maintenance with easily accessible grease points, obstruction-free access and an intuitive on-board AC controllers.


Stärke offers industry-leading warranties – including parts and labor coverage – on all of our LiftMaxx electric and manual pallet trucks, going so far as to offer a 7 year pump warranty on our manual pallet jacks!


Stärke offers superior product quality vs the competition with standard practices such as replacing vulnerable plastic parts with metal components, using corrosion-resistant Zinc dichromate fittings, and selecting components for industrial strength applications.


All Stärke equipment – including our LiftMaxx pallet trucks – is designed to meet or exceed ANSI/ASME b56.1 standards, have been CE approved/certified and are manufactured in ISO certified production facilities.


Our growing independent dealership network includes 55+ locations spread across North America – all of which have full access to our LiftMaxx line of electric pallet trucks and manual pallet jacks. See our dealer map to find a location near you!

Stärke PalletBoss Series

The LiftMaxx line of PalletBoss pallet jacks offers the best combination of durability, strength, maneuverability and economy on the market today. Built for years of rugged service, they are easy to maintain, simple to operate and completely reliable. Our manual pallet jacks are available in a variety of sizes (widths from 21″ to 27″ and lengths from 36″ to 48″), styles and finishes to suit your application including galvanized or stainless steel finishes for applications in pharmaceuticals and the food and beverage industry, low-lift and 4-way models – each available with single or dual load wheels in polyurethane or nylon. Also available in a 4,400 lb. manual pallet truck with a scale.

All models include our excellent 7 year pump warranty.


Manual pallet truck pump handle
Fully Rubberized
LiftMaxx PalletBoss
Tiller Handle
manual pallet truck, adjustable straight tappet
Adjustable and Straight
LiftMaxx PalletBoss
Manual pallet truck roller wheels
Single or Dual
LiftMaxx PalletBoss
Roller Wheels
Galvanized or Stainless
LiftMaxx PalletBoss
Steel Finishes